Answer: The Best Jeopardy PowerPoint Template Available on the Internet today. What is Jeopardy!
Easy Jeopardy
The Best Jeopardy PowerPoint Available.


What is Jeopardy?

Jeopardy is an amazingly fun game that you can use in any group setting (e.g. classroom, fundraising event, parties, Bible studies) that everyone will love. Use it for learning, teaching, or just plain 'ole fun!

With this template, it's easy to create games without the use of advanced macros, programming, or designing techniques. Purchase this PowerPoint template and reuse it over and over again!

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Why It's the Best

Why This Template is Awesome...
Easy to UseNo advanced PowerPoint skills required! (No macros either!)
Visually AppealingProfessional, sleek, sexy. Looks like the real thing!
SMART Board CompatibleBe the Vanna White you always dreamed of being!
Made in PowerPointEvery classroom, office, home, and conference room has PowerPoint and NO Internet connection required!
Supported with TutorialsCheck out the easy tutorials and see how easy it is to get going!
ReusableMake it once and reuse it over and over again!
Multiple Sizes!You'll get different sizes and dollar amounts to use for a variety of audiences or classrooms!
iPad FriendlyDownload the PowerPoint app (FREE at the Apple app store!) to run / play the game!

Why Other Templates Suck

Why Other Templates Sucks...
Difficult to useEven the pictures for some of the other templates look complex.
UglyDon't offend your audience with an ugly and lazy template.
Internet RequiredThis is the silliest of them all!
Static GameboardGood luck trying to remember which questions were used already!
ProgrammingSome templates required a computer science college student to build and run...
BoringSome templates are just so bad that they make even the best host seem boring!
PowerPoint 1997Got PowerPoint 1997? Some templates are just that old.

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